Accepting a Cash Offer on Your House - All Benefits

Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on Your House

The sheer complication of a traditional house sale is enough to stress you out and make you delay the sale. But when life throws you a curveball and you find yourself forced to sell your home fast, you might want to explore your sale options – traditional realtors are not the only option anymore.
Selling your house to a cash buyer is the quickest and most convenient option. Here’s a list of benefits to accepting a cash offer on your house from a cash buyer company.

1. It’s Quick and Easy

When you find yourself in need of quick cash and having to sell your home, you’ll want to do it as fast as possible.
Selling directly to a cash buyer implies getting a competitive offer within 24 hours, because buying for cash eliminates the wait for a loan to be approved, and the deal could be closed as quickly as a few days later. With some cash buyers, you could even receive the funds 7-10 days after closing, with no extra expenses or closing costs. Most cash buyers try to close the deal as soon as possible, which means you should be pocketing the money in no time.

2. You’ll Get Top Dollar

When you decide to sell your house to a trustworthy cash buyer company, you can be sure that it will be evaluated by experienced professionals who know the market conditions.
The evaluation is based on the location of your property, its condition, the estimated cost of work and repairs it may need, and the market value of similar properties. This means you don’t have to deal with researching the market, setting a price yourself, haggling with buyers, and ending up dissatisfied with the offers you get.

3. No Need for Repairs

When you’re selling to a cash buyer, in most cases you don’t need to dress up your house, or do anything to it, really. Most cash buyers buy houses regardless of its condition.
They’re interested in the realistic state of your house. You won’t need to do any repairs or additional enhancement work. This can be a huge relief, because repairs are often pricey and you’re forced to invest time, money and energy in a house you’re not planning on keeping. Selling to a cash buyer eliminated all the additional hassle.

4. You Don’t Even Have to Clean Your House

Preparing your house for a showing or an open house can take a lot of time and effort. You’ll probably feel pressured to get everything squeaky clean and looking like a dream home. This can be an especially tiresome endeavor if you’re selling a property where you don’t even live, like inherited houses.
As we already said, it’s the house itself cash buyers are interested in. You don’t have to dress up your house in any way for the evaluation – they will buy your house as is.

5. No Listings

If you’re selling to a cash buyer company, you won’t have to deal with getting your house listed.
Cash buyers have simplified the process as much as possible. In fact, selling to most cash buyers is as simple as a phone call, especially in the digital era where the evaluation can be done virtually. As cash buyers like to work quickly, it’s not unusual for them to come up with an offer within 24 hours, and if you accept it, the whole process can be completed within a couple of weeks.

6. No Showings or Open House

When you’re dealing with individual buyers yourself, you have to become a professional realtor, or hire a professional one. With cash buyers, you don’t have to come up with strategies to get viewers to buy your home, or sugarcoat things and hope they won’t notice the patch of water damage from that one time when your pipe burst.
From cash buyers you get 100% transparency, and that’s what you should give them in return.
Another great thing about dealing with cash buyer companies is not having to organize open house days or showings. There won’t be any strangers parading through your home and scrutinizing your decoration choices, only evaluation experts.

7. Cash Buyers are Very Flexible

It’s all about your convenience with cash buyers, because it’s in everyone’s best interest to close the deal as quickly and as easily as possible. Most of them are open to letting you pick the closing date that’s most convenient for you.
The process of cash buying is completely seller-oriented, so, as a seller, you have the freedom to organize your time. Some of them, like My Home Exchange, even offer the option of an extended stay with some companies, so you don’t have to move out instantly.

8. No Extra Fees

The whole process of selling your house to cash buyers is completely transparent and straightforward, so you don’t have to stress about hidden costs that include processing fees, document fees, and bank loan fees that can significantly diminish the amount you finally receive.
With most cash buyers, you won’t have to cover any closing costs and won’t have any unexpected extra expenses.

9. No Hassle

Most people aren’t particularly well-informed about the process of selling real estate, so when they find themselves in this situation, the paperwork can get quite overwhelming.
When you’re selling to a cash buyer company, you don’t have to worry about legal documents and contracts. The cash buyers handle all the paperwork, and you can have the contract delivered to your doorstep.

10. Help Finding a New Home and Free Local Move

Finally, some cash buyers who’ve been in the business for a while even offer the service of helping you find your new dream home in case you could use some guidance. They may even throw in a free local move, so you don’t have to deal with seeking a moving truck and crew.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on Your House

If you are in need of selling your home fast and you expect to get the money as soon as possible, think about selling it to a cash buyer company. Make sure you choose a reputable one that offers all the benefits listed above, such as My Home Exchange. Expect a fair cash offer and choose a closing date that suits you best. My Home Exchange is here to give you the best possible selling experience.

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